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Om Namah Shivai
:: Muhurta (Mahurat) Astrology Consultation
Want to know auspicious Day and Time to start important activity of your life?

Time is one of the most important aspects of one's life. The value of time is indisputable and something that cannot be challenged. In the course of life we undertake various works, pursue many endeveaours, and pass through many events which will have decisive impact on our lives. The success or failure of these events is significant to us in many ways. Hence it is important to do the right thing at the right time to make sure that our energy does not go waste and we achieve through our hard work what we intend to. Muhurta astrology report will help us to figure out the precise time that would be the most beneficial for us to undertake any task. It gives us valuable insights and directions which will help us enhance our chances of success, remove, neutralise, counter or overcome any obstacles on our pursuit of success. It is perspective as well as preventive. It helps us realize the importance of correct time to do anything that is of vital importance to us. Nobody would want their hard work to go as a waste. It will be very frustrating and disheartening if nothing results from your dedication and perseverance. However this may not be your fault, it may just be that things were not favourable astrologically when you started your work. Thus by figuring out the perfect time to begin your work, you can enhance your chances of success and be satisfied with the positive results. This is where Muhurta comes in to make your life easy and meaningful.

Mahurat is a specific point of time, which is most auspicious to start a particular occasion or a new activity. Muhurta is calculated by keeping a lots of thing in consideration nature of activity, horoscope of the person, lunar day, planetary position and Nakshatra. It states the time during which the activity need to be performed.

In India people gives a lots of value to muhurta. It is used to ensure most fruitful result out of their activities like marriage, sale/purchase of property, construction of new house and start a new factory or showroom.

All the cosmic power exerts their effect on all of us. You may not be aware which one is good or bad for you. Astrologer predicts the most favourable time when you can start a new activity so that your activity get done smoothly and without hurdles.

There are various type of important event/activities for which you need to know auspicious Day and Time. Followings are some of them:

  • wedding or marriage
  • sale/purchase and construction of new property
  • shifting to new home
  • Going to take medicine / surgical operation
  • learning a new skill / education
  • application of visa to foreign travel & travel
  • starting a new business, changing jobs and start on a new job
  • filing claims, filing a legal case
  • purchase of a machine / vehicle
  • partnership alliances
  • financial investments
  • other events

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Muhurta - Ask 3 Questions
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