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:: Yoga Analysis Report

Yoga means union, in astrology union of planets. Generally most of the yogas contains of more than one planet.

Yoga can be defined as positive environment where positive vibes prevail which led to improvement of one's life style. There are ups and down in each individual life which make person happy or sad.

In astrology point of view there are some dosa and yoga which make a person's life happier or sad. Dosa can be defined as obstruction point which curtails benefices where as Yoga can be defined as positivity in one horoscope.

There are so many Yoga's in Indian astrology that to define them will require whole new site to be built. Still some important yoga's in astrology are described in "Article section". Some prominent Yogas are Raj Yoga, Gajkesari Yoga, Kahala Yoga, Dainya yoga, shubh kartari yoga, paap kartari yoga, Saraswati Yoga, Maha yoga to name the few.

While some yogas are seen from Planets, some from Ascendant and some from Moon sign. So full birth chart had to be studied from Ascendant and from Moon position in chart as Moon also holds very important place in Vedic astrology.

While mentioning yogas, an important point to consider is that some yoga's do depict negativity that can create trouble but that negativity can be reduced to some extent by way of Remedies.

So, in this report we would provide the following:

  • Yoga's prevalent in one horoscope: In this section various yoga's that do exist in janam kundali (birth chart) will be described by assessing your birth chart from Moon sign as well as from Ascendant.
  • Strength of Yoga: Hereby judging gravity of Yoga in chart, strength or power of yoga will be provided, as some yoga are very strong and clearly visible while some are buried under negativity of malefic planets.
  • Manifestations of yoga: Here approximation of possible timing of fructification of Yoga will be prescribed by studying birth chart, Transits and Dasa -Antardasa.
  • Remedies for yoga: Here after studying yoga in chart, Astrologer will look negative aspect that is casted on yoga which is making that yoga weak and possible remedies will be provided so that yoga may gain some strength.

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